International removals

International removals
International removals


Quick online quote this is one of the many advantages of our company. We try to estimate your transport time within 1 hour, but we usually manage to complete it in just 15 minutes. A quote is not everything, we are in constant contact with the client if he needs help in estimating the load. We are flexible when it comes to the date of moving abroad. During transport, we remain in constant contact with you to ensure the highest quality of the service offered. if you have problem with estimating the load, send us photos of the items being transported and we will try to calculate the transport efficiently. We invite you to take advantage of our free quote.

Great Britain and Europe

International removals - How to prepare

Below we have included some of the most valuable tips that will help you prepare for international relocation no unpleasant surprises. They will also save you a lot of time and nerves related to... decision to move. Our advice is based on over ten years of experience in the industry. We hope that our short list of the most important things will be helpful.


For many of us, moving is an event that evokes many emotions.
To avoid unnecessary stress, we advise you how to best prepare for it.

1. First of all, don't plan your move at the last minute.

2. Collect the necessary things that will make packing easier, i.e. boxes, bags, vacuum bags, markers
and fillers and protective materials (e.g. bubble wrap, foam, etc.).

3. Make a complete inventory of your things - this is also the best time to segregate them (sell or throw away things that are not in use).

4. Plan how to pack - e.g. items from a given room into one box. Pack things one by one, cabinets, rooms, etc.

5. Describe the boxes in detail.

6. Prepare (disassemble) and SECURE furniture and electronics/home appliances in advance.

7. Pay special attention to delicate and glass items.

8. On moving day, if you can, ask your family or friends to help you move your belongings. This will greatly streamline the entire moving process (in international moves, the driver is always alone).

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Moving abroad

Transport and price list

No hidden costs

Transport insurance

International relocations involve many formalities, including: with customs clearance. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring you have a safe move from England, Germany, France or anywhere in Europe. Trust a proven transport company with over 10 years of experience. Moving abroad may turn out to be a simple formality or a real nuisance. The choice is yours. We offer dedicated transport without reloading when transporting valuable items, furniture, expensive audio equipment, household appliances or electronics. It is worth choosing a professional company organizing international relocations. Over the years, we have managed to earn the trust of our customers, which has resulted in positive feedback, as evidenced by, among others: positive opinions in Google or service Facebook. We approach each transport, transport of property, house or apartment removal individually, trying to listen to the needs of our clients. We have created the best model for moving abroad in the transport industry. We have been operating under the same brand for 10 years, having completed hundreds of successful orders.
International removals

Order a removal

Order an international removal service. Get a quick online quote or call us. Safe transport of goods.

Driver assistance with loading and unloading

Dedicated transport without reloading

Ability to track the vehicle in real time (GPS)

Insurance of goods during transport

Organization of Customs formalities

Minimum formalities

Relocations abroad with a minimum of formalities. We offer the most flexible offer on the market. Safe transport of property anywhere in Europe. Provide the date, size of the load and where the move is to be carried out. Our team will quickly provide you with a quote, presenting a full price list for the move. We help with official formalities related to transport. Removals from England to anywhere in Europe. Removals from Germany, France, Ireland... We carry out every possible direction within the European Union and Great Britain. We care about comfort and safety, we are a legally operating transport company. We approach each move, transport of furniture, electronics, household appliances and valuable items individually.

Safe transport of goods

There are no shortcuts in Ban-Trans, so you can sleep soundly. Each ordered transport arrives safely at its destination. We have many years of experience and hundreds of successful orders, as evidenced by, among others: opinions of our customers as well as the long period of operation of our transport company. We guarantee fair prices, the order is counted only one way, we do not apply hidden costs. A clear and transparent offer from the beginning to the end of transporting goods abroad.

Highest quality

Flexible dates adapted to your time. We realize how difficult it is to organize a move abroad, so we try to adapt to your deadlines. Our advantage is certainly the quality and express delivery time of the transport service. If you have a problem with estimating the transport, please contact us. We will quickly estimate your transport and provide an accurate price list for the move.

A proven UK and EU transport company

We have been working to earn your trust for many years and have developed methods that allow for the safe transportation of property. We operate in accordance with procedures, saving you unnecessary stress. Dedicated transport without reloading along the way eliminates the risk associated with international transport. Many carriers try to combine moves. From our experience, we know that such practices can result in damage or loss of property. In the case of items with sentimental value, this situation cannot occur.

International removals

Leader in the international removals market. Your proven partner in international transport. The best value for money. Find out the cost of moving, contact our customer service center. We respond within 1 hour, usually within 15 minutes. Removals without reloading. 

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