Removals from England to Germany

Are you planning to move from England to Germany? We offer the best transport offer on the market. Moving abroad has never been so easy. Transport of furniture, electronics and household appliances with a guarantee of safety. Dedicated transport without reloading with property insurance during transport. Do you want to know the cost of moving from England to Germany or from Germany to Poland? Take advantage of a free online quote. We guarantee the best value for money. You set the date, we adapt to your needs. We will make sure your move goes smoothly. We assist with customs formalities while remaining in constant contact with the client.


Quick online quote this is one of the many advantages of our company. We try to estimate your transport time within 1 hour, but we usually manage to complete it in just 15 minutes. A quote is not everything, we are in constant contact with the client if he needs help in estimating the load. We are flexible when it comes to the date of moving abroad. During transport, we remain in constant contact with you to ensure the highest quality of the service offered. if you have problem with estimating the load, send us photos of the items being transported and we will try to calculate the transport efficiently. We invite you to take advantage of our free quote.

Transport of goods from England to Germany

At BAN-TRANS, we know that moving between countries requires careful planning and organization. Here are some steps to help you prepare for your move from the UK to Germany:

Documents and formalities:

Check that all your documents are up to date and comprehensive. This includes your passport, ID card, driving license, as well as any work or study related documents.
Find out whether you will need a visa or other documents to legally reside and work in Germany.


Think about your health insurance and other insurance related to everyday life. Check whether your current insurance is sufficient or whether you will need to adapt it to German standards.

Arrange transport:

Choose the right means of transport for your belongings. Our company BAN-TRANS will comprehensively organize your entire move from Great Britain to Germany. We will prepare customs clearance, and our drivers will be happy to help with loading and unloading the goods and ensure the safe transport of your items.

Find accommodation:

Finding accommodation in advance will make it easier for you to settle in once you arrive. Check out different options, such as apartments for rent, hostels, or the possibility of staying in a hotel at the beginning.

Registration in Germany:

When you arrive in Germany, you must register (anmelden) at your place of residence. Make sure you know what documents are needed for this purpose.

Transfer bank account:

If you have a bank account in the UK, find out if it is possible to transfer it to Germany or open a new account.

Language communication:

Although many people in Germany speak English, it is worth preparing to communicate in German. Knowing basic phrases will make everyday life easier.

Information about life in Germany:

Find out about the cultural, legal and social issues that may affect your daily life in Germany.

The cost of moving from England to Germany

Removal costs may vary depending on the size and length of the section over which your property is transported. We offer four variants most frequently chosen by our customers:

transport 2.5 m3 up to 200 kg

transport 5m3 up to 300 kg

transport 10m3 up to 600 kg

transport 20m3 up to 1200 kg

It is also worth mentioning customs or official costs, which may vary depending on the moving country. To find out the exact price of moving abroad, complete our quote form. It will literally take you a few minutes. Our team will provide a quote in a very short time. If you have problems estimating transportation, please contact us or send photos of the items to be transported.
Removals from England to Germany

Removals Germany

We offer you a number of amenities, including:

Organization of Customs formalities

Driver assistance with loading and unloading

Insurance of goods during transport

Ability to track the vehicle in real time (GPS)

Dedicated transport without reloading

Quick online quote

Ban Trans is a leader in the removals market. We simplify international transport to a minimum. Hundreds of individual clients and companies have trusted us.
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Removals from Germany to Poland

International relocations involve many formalities, including: with customs clearance. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring you have a safe move from England, Germany, France or anywhere in Europe. Trust a proven transport company with over 10 years of experience. Moving abroad may turn out to be a simple formality or a real nuisance. The choice is yours. We offer dedicated transport without reloading when transporting valuable items, furniture, expensive audio equipment, household appliances or electronics. It is worth choosing a professional company organizing international relocations. Over the years, we have managed to earn the trust of our customers, which has resulted in positive feedback, as evidenced by, among others: positive opinions in Google or service Facebook. We approach each transport, transport of property, house or apartment removal individually, trying to listen to the needs of our clients. We have created the best model for moving abroad in the transport industry. We have been operating under the same brand for 10 years, having completed hundreds of successful orders.
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